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Diego Martino


Ph.D. Geography and Environmental Studies. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Master in Arts. Geography and Environmental Studies. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

BA in International Affairs. Universidad de la República. Uruguay.

For the past 15 years Diego has been working with the academic sector, non-governmental organizations and international bodies in several countries in the Global North and South. Recently, he has also been involved directly with the public and private sector, advising in environmental policy and planning.

Through this diverse professional path he has maintained a strong passion for environmental issues, a strong rationality to keep the scientific strictness on projects and publications, and the ability to perform in several situations ranging from international negotiations to direct dialogue with community representatives.

His formal education background on nature conservation, urban and land-use planning, and human-nature relationship has been combined with his professional in projects ranging from issues related to clean energy, green economy or environmental assessment among others.

The integration of various disciplines and its particular perspectives, in addition to a variety of professional experiences, has enabled him to provide enriched options for decision making.

Diego is convinced that taking environmental aspects into consideration in all aspects of the institutional, business, and personal life is not only an ethic imperative but also the only rational option in a world with physical boundaries and unsatisfied basic human needs.