Having the support of Asesoramiento Ambiental Estratégico will allow you to incorporate the environmental approach to the legal and tax opinions from the beginning of the investment planning phase in Uruguay. Anticipating problems and saving time and money are the most obvious benefits of this decision. Every investment involves a number of economic, cultural and environmental challenges. From AAE we offer an “environmental view” of plans, problems or challenges that our customers face when investing in Uruguay. This advice is tailor‐made and can be limited specifically to environmental and / or ecosystem management or may include legal aspects among other issues. Which are the potential challenges of each undertaking? Cuáles son los potenciales desafíos de cada emprendimiento? What are the paths to follow? Which are the alternatives? Which are the costs and benefits of each alternative? Those who have trusted us, come to Uruguay with answers to these questions and can take an informed decision.


For this sector, AAE provides solutions tailored to each business and geographical scenario. Caring for the environment is an increasing demand from consumers and international markets.

Our work is focused on allowing businesses to produce more and better quality, while always taking into considering environmental issues. We have the experience, scientific and technical knowledge to achieve the highest standards of animal welfare, prevent water pollution and soil conservation.

Those who choose to face a leap toward quality on land use planning will find on AAAE the natural partner per excellence. Biodiversity preservation and protection,  improvement in use and care of water and soil, biogeographic and climatic considerations are key elements to future success in agro business.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We carry out Environmental Impact Assessments that are inserted in strategic environmental planning phase of customers and partners, allowing to count with an environmental approach, taking care of the environmental permits and demands necessary for any investment in country.

Our work is distinguished by integrating the environmental approach to the design of the business strategy of our customers, and therefore allowing to incorporate environmental issues as well as aspects related to the sustainable use of natural resources since the start of operations.

The first benefit of working with this approach is that the environmental authorization is integrated to planning, becoming more expeditious. In a world moving toward increasingly stringent legislation both for export and domestic consumption, an early integration of environmental issues is a social and business benefit.

Social and Environmental Audits

Moreover, since social and environmental impact from companies is a growing concern which had led regulators to impose more strict laws and regulations in relation to the social and environmental activities, from AAE we offer  to carry out periodic, documented, systematic and objective social and environmental audits, providing assurance services to the companies / organizations social and environmental activities. By performing site assessments, due diligence investigations or other internal audits, we aim to contribute to safeguarding the environment and social health and security by facilitating management control of environmental and social practices and assessing compliance with entity policies which would include meeting regulatory requirements and applicable standards

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

From AAE we design and implement Environmental CSR programs. We have an extensive knowledge of the territory and working agreements with various NGOs with which we collaborate. When placing the environmental CSR program on our hands, the company is ensuring to achieve results that impact both environmental, social and communicational level. We put our reputation and prestige in favor of innovative projects and examples which inspire the business sector in order to multiply the development of CSR programs in the environmental field. The CSR in Uruguay is growing with firm steps. Many companies are developing their own CSR programs and other programs being implemented are dictated from headquarters. The environment and its care seeking to reduce the impact caused by corporate actions and participation of the workers themselves has certainly a great potential in Uruguay.