Strategic Environmental Planning

Strategic Environmental Planning

Development of a local area management plan for Grand Anse Bay, Grenada and Bay a L ́eau, Windward, Carriacou – Grenada


Hired by UN Environment in Grenada for a project related to mapping, valuation, institutional analysis and consultation process for the development of a local area management plan for two areas: Grand Anse Bay, Grenada and Bay a L´eau, Windward, Carriacou.  AAE produced a quality and highly participatory management plan for both areas. The deliverables (management plans with respective zoning, main objectives, plan strategies, indicators and monitoring plans) were developed and designed addressing the gaps and opportunities identified by UNEP (2010 National Environmental Summary – Grenada.) for resource management, policy and monitoring.

State of Environment Report (GEO) – Guyana

AAE was hired by UNDP office in Guyana to conduct the 2015 State of the Environment Report for Guyana together with the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and in close coordination with local NGOs and academia. The report also included donor community.



Development of  full proposal GCF – Paraguay

UN Environment in Paraguay requested AAE assistance to put together and review the full proposal entitles “Dynamization of Environmental Services Law 3001/06” to be presented to the Green Climate Fund.

Zonamerica Environmental Strategic Plan – Uruguay


Zonamerica, Uruguayan top free zone, hired AAE to plan their environmental strategy for coming years (2015 – 2019) focusing on adapting to climate change, biodiversity conservation, waste management and environmental consciousness.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Guyana Costed Strategic Plan. – Guyana

Hired by UNDP in Guyana, to support the newly created Ministry (2012) by developing its strategic planning for the period 2013-2018. Consultation and training sessions to Ministry personnel, related institutions and external communities were conducted. The work also implied costing all the proposed activities and allocating funding resources.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Guyana Costed Strategic Plan Monitoring Plan.

AAE was hired by UNDP to, together with key personnel from MNRE, work on the detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Plan of the Coasted Strategic Plan.

Advise the Uruguayan Political Party “Frente Amplio”, during the presidential campaign, on the design of their “Conscious Acts” – Uruguay


In the framework of the presidential campaign of 2014, AAE advised the Environmental Commission to design their political rallies to be as environment friendly as possible. AAE designed a specific tool kit to be distributed amongst all rallies organizers.