Green business


Sustainable events

SEA can make your event sustainable. A sustainable event is the one that manages to improve efficiency while saving costs associated with energy, paper, waste, etc. How? Our work aims to minimize negative environmental impacts, leaving a positive social and environmental legacy in the communities close to the venue.

We are able to organize events of various sizes in a variety of contexts, from communities far from urban areas to large events in urban hotels. Wherever the final location of an event is, early planning considering environmental variables can reduce the ecological footprint of it. The sustainability of an event implies reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources (water, paper, etc.) and minimizing waste generation. The benefits of organizing a sustainable event not only positively impact the nature but also the prestige of those who carry out the event.

The organization of sustainable events is beyond mere fashion, it represents a commitment and a responsibility. It is important to note that the organization of a sustainable event neither poses an extra cost nor it the decreases the quality of the event, it actually increases it.


We promote ecotourism as an option to local development and we have experience in the design of local enterprises.

Enjoying natural resources in a responsible and ethical manner opens a variety of opportunities in the region given the incipient expansion of protected natural areas. In addition, the demand for responsible and sustainable tourism is constantly increasing, this demand is not only limited to enterprises located in natural places, environmental requirements also apply to urban settlements.

In fact ecotourism has become the fastest growing segment of the sector. According to UNWTO figures, ecotourism captured 7% of the market in 2007 growing to over 20% by 2015.

Ecotourism is not only a viable alternative but is becoming a requirement by companies, organizations and individuals when defining the place of meetings, conferences or pleasure. In a study of the Association of Tourism Industry of the US and the National Geographic Traveler, over 50% of respondents replied that their hotel selection decision was influenced by sustainability issues. In addition, most of travel agents affirm to provide green holiday options.


We carry out landscaping projects to integrate this aspect in urban, tourist and industrial developments. Our work integrates planning aspects of landscape not only to the constructive work but also to the landscape as a whole. At the same time we seek to obtain the greatest environmental benefit of each landscaping project, aiming to reduce maintenance costs.

Our experts have worked in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America in projects related to landscape and urbanism. This experience has let us to know that proper planning of the landscape accomplish to meet multiple objectives for both nature and the landscape user. There is an indivisible relationship between planning for construction, gardening and landscaping. In the words of Luis Barragan, “I do not divide architecture, landscape and gardening; for me are all one. “