Guido Velasco EN


Guido Fernández
de Velasco


Master in Environmental and Ecological Sciences; Lancaster, GB.
Bsc in Environmental Affairs and Resource Economics; University of New Hampshire.
Professional in both environmental and international development cooperation sectors with more than fifteen years of professional experience in Europe, Africa and Latin America. He has worked in the environmental area from the private sector (international environmental consultancy), civil society (nature conservation foundation) and multilateral organization like the United Nations. Currently he works as an independent consultant in environment and is also co-founder and Director of AAE.

Guido has an extensive experience in strategic planning and results-based management. He has participated in the design, implementation and monitoring of many environmental projects and programs, but also in projects more social focused, furthermore he has facilitated and supported the institutional design of various agencies. He has specialized in training on results-based management.

The specific areas of work in which he has participated are the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, waste management, design of projects under the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism, renewable energy, environmental impact studies, corporate social responsibility, promoting ecotourism, among others.