Alejandro Moreno

Head of Climate Finance

Alejandro Moreno has more than 17 years of experience in management and senior positions. His current position as international consultant is closely related to climate finance and works specifically with the Green Climate Fund, supporting government and Accredited Entities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

His main areas of expertise include climate change finance and REDD+, and has an extensive experience in multi-cultural environments around the world, while living in RDC, Mauritius, Turkey, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Portugal and Macedonia. He has also participated in European Comission Projects in Morocco, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, France, Japan and Spain, and in UN projects around the globe.

Alejandro is an Agricultural Engineer specialized in Economics with a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and in Agro Ecology and International Cooperation. Alejandro also holds a PhD in “Economic impact of climate change on emerging economies”.