Doswald Nathalie

Climate change impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services. PhD in Ecology.

Nathalie Doswald has been working for over a decade in international nature conservation, providing technical expertise and research to inform policy and decision-making processes. During her time as a Programme Officer at UNEP-WCMC, she became one of the leading experts on EbA, helping to further develop the concept of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA), collating several case studies and undertaking a systematic review of the effectiveness of EbA. She led the UNEP-WCMC part of the UNEP-UNDP-IUCN Mountain EbA project which took place in Peru, Uganda and Nepal, providing technical expertise in the methodology for the assessment and selection of EbA options in these countries.

As an independent consultant, she has worked with UNEP on up-scaling Eco-DRR by providing policy briefs, capacity building for both policy and educational agencies and working with international policy mechanism to improve uptake and implementation of Eco-DRR/EbA. She has used this knowledge to input into training materials on mainstreaming EBA for GIZ. She also has experience in creating guidelines for incorporating Eco-DRR into wetland protected area management.

Nathalie is a Bachelor in Environmental Science, holds a Master Degree in Ecology and Environmental Management and a PhD in Ecology, and has completed additional trainings, e.g. in “Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate”.