Priscilla Miranda

Policy analysis and management, water and forest management. Master in System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management.

Priscilla Miranda has over ten years of experience in the field of natural resource management, with special focus on the land-use sector, forests and integrated water management. She has over 8 years of experience in REDD+ in Suriname. She has worked in various national and international projects so has strong experience in managing professional teams, as well as coordinating expeditions and leading processes. Also has strong experience in engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, from high level policy makers to local communities, including civil society, private sector and government institutes.

She has worked as member of the Conservation International Suriname team, the early stages of capacity building, data gathering and institutional strengthening for REDD+. As part of the Government of Suriname, she was partly responsible for the establishment of the National Forest Monitoring System, as well as background studies like the ‘Multi-Perspective Analysis of Drivers of Deforestation, Forest Degradation and Barriers to REDD+ Activities’ and ‘Best Estimates for Emission Factors and Carbon Stocks for Suriname’ as part of the preparation for the Forest Reference Emission Level for Suriname. As part of the consultancy team, she was partly responsible for the development of the Vision and National REDD+ Strategy for Suriname, as well as Suriname’s Nationally Determined Contributions. She currently works as director of Spiral Strategic Consulting, specialized in providing local context acting as national counterpart and coordinator for international firms and projects.

Priscilla is a bachelor and master in System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management.