Robert W. Crowley

Project development, proposal management, financing and stakeholder engagement. Integrated land and water management, transboundary water basin governances, climate adaptation. Bachelor in Forest Resources Management.

Robert contributes thirty years of international project development, proposal management, financing and stakeholder engagement experience within multi-cultural teams promoting Integrated land and water management and, transboundary water basin governance and climate adaptation actions across Latin America, the Caribbean and Central Asia with UN agencies, NGOs and Civil society and private sector concerns and with donors such as the Global Environment Facility, USAID, and multi-lateral banks in addition to major gift fundraising.

He is a specialist in facilitating creative and participative project development processes, technical and economic analysis, and negotiation of project outcomes and loans at the highest levels of government. His projects have funded initiatives in water infrastructure, biodiversity, sustainable landscape management, transboundary water management, Sustainable land management, protected areas financing, and climate smart agriculture and livestock management. Robert has held leadership positions in Corporate and Social Sustainability in the mining industry.

Robert holds a degree in Forest Resources Management and private sector experience in the development of technical training programs in sustainable agriculture, forestry, water management among others. He has produced technical manuals and guidelines for Environment and Social Management Impact Analysis and for portfolio level project design. He is based out of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.