Stanley Arguedas Mora

Conservation and biodiversity, management and development of protected areas. Park ranger.

Since 1988, Stanley works in protected natural areas, where he started as a volunteer, then as manager and later being instructor, advisor and international consultant, for governments and NGOs in almost all Latin American countries.

Stanley works on all issues related to the management of protected areas, having deeply developed the modern management promoted by the 12 principles of the Ecosystem Approach, the general and thematic strategic and operational planning, the promotion of good governance and the evaluation of management and the development of technologies for managers.

Stanley studied chemical engineering and architecture, being his 31-year professional practice, the school where he best learned about conservation. However, he also attender additional trainings and international events, has developed consultations in multiple countries and has 15 technical publications. He has also coordinated more than 100 courses and developed 6 curricular processes for PA managers in 6 Latin American countries.