“Campo Palomas” Wind Farm Project Environmental and social due diligence – Operational phase

03/2017 - to date


Guido Fernández de Velasco


Mariela Silvera

Environmental Management

Exat Consulting requested AAE a comprehensive evaluation to provide due diligence services related to environmental, social, health and occupational safety aspects for the “Campo Palomas” Wind Farm Project, in relation to its operation phase. The objective of the Due Diligence process is the identification of environmental and social risks and gaps of the project, according to different international and national standards to ensure continued project compliance with the project’s investors.

Main tasks:

  • Field visits;
  • Review compliance with the project with the Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC);
  • Review project compliance with local regulations;
  • Interact with client to ensure that gaps are understood for appropriate actions to be taken;
  • Preparation of reports and matrices.


Main results:

  • Corresponding due diligence reports;
  • Develop action plans to report possible breaches or gaps identified;
  • Identification of social and environmental gaps and risks that the project may have when compared to national and international standards;
  • Report with compliance and identified gaps to be covered.

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