Comprehensive Gap Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Capacity Development Plan



Diego Martino


Luciana López Acosta


Sherillia Massicot
Monika Bertzky
Clara Malcom
Nicola Bird
Sara Barrueco
María Jesus Iraola

Climate Finance


The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis is committed to tackling the adverse impacts of climate change through the implementation of ambitious policies and actions enshrined in its NDCs. However, to enable St. Kitts and Nevis to achieve its desired national goals and to access climate finance, there is a needis need to identify the institutional gaps and needs and strengthen institutional capacity and effective coordination mechanisms. In this context, the CCCCC has received financing from the GCF for the project “Capacity Building to Support Accreditation, Planning, Programming and Implementation of GCF-Funded Activities in St. Kitts and Nevis”, to identify the best candidates for accreditation and support their efforts toward possibly gaining accreditation to GCF. This consultancy aims to build the capacity of potential Direct Accredited Entity (DAE) applicants and identify gaps to be filled, and needs to be met, to increase likelihood of accreditation to the GCF.

Main tasks:

  • Deliver trainingone sensitization sessions on the GCF and its financing instruments and the accreditation process, covering the topics project management, fiduciary standards, Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS) and Gender;
  • Provide guidance to the NDA;
  • Develop two Stakeholder Engagement Plans for the accreditation process and project development and implementation;
  • Develop a Capacity Development Plan inclusive of ESS and Gender Policies to facilitate nomination of DAE’s for accreditation.


Main outputs:

  • Training resources (including resource materials, recording of virtual training sessions and a Training Report to capture recommendations for future trainings;
  • Guidance materials (templates and support for completing self-assessment questionnaires for interested potential DAEs) and for the NDA to identify potential entities to be nominated for accreditation;
  • Two Stakeholder Engagement Plans tailored to for nominated entities;
  • Two Institutional Gap Assessment Reports, including Fiduciary Standards, ESS and Gender Policy;
  • A Capacity Development Plan providing necessary actions for the nominated entities’ accreditation.

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