Consultancy Services for an Evidence Review on Private Sector Investments in Mitigation



Guido Fernandez de Velasco


Luis Sánchez


Jerónimo Rocío
Nathalie Doswald
Monika Bertzky
Isabel Puche

Climate Finance

The objective is to produce an Evidence Review on private sector investments in mitigation by producing two Evidence Gap maps (one on effectiveness and one on efficiency), an Intervention Heat Map (where has the GCF allocated project finance) and subsequently a systematic review with relevant meta-analysis.

Main tasks

  • Comprehensive, systematic and rigorous review, assessment and presentation and meta analysis of evidence;
  • Follow all necessary protocols, search requirements, coding procedures and replicability requirements as set out by leading global institutions on evidence synthesis.
  • Utilizing specialist search strings for different databases, ‘snowball’ sampling, searches in sub-areas, utilising expert knowledge in sub-areas, and canvassing the experience of search specialists and systematic review specialists.


Main outputs

  • Two evidence gap maps to capture effective and efficient mitigation outcomes and the economic and social rates of return;
  • A heat map on GCF investment on mitigation.
  • The meta-analysis will ascertain overall effect sizes (and confidence levels) for groups of interventions spread over multiple studies.

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