Costed Strategic Plan (2022-2026) for the Ministry of Natural Resources of Guyana



Guido Fernández de Velasco


María Dolores Almeida
Robert Crowley


Patrick Chesney
Ronald Cumberbatch
Sara Lavell

Strategic Planning

The Ministry of Natural Resources’ (MNR) mission is to develop, implement and oversee policies for the responsible exploration, development and utilization of natural resources whilst ensuring the protection and conservation of the environment and advancement of the green economy. To achieve this, AAE developed the first Costed Strategic Plan for the MNR covering the period 2013-2018. Now, the MNR with support from UNDP, is seeking to update the Plan to effectively address the changes in the natural resource sector, in a highly consultative and participatory manner, towards engaging the MNR and other key stakeholders and in perfect alignment with the LCDS. The objective is to prepare a Strategic Plan which promotes sustainable development and the integration of environmental and natural resources considerations in economic development planning. This would include the harmonization of policy and management in the petroleum, forestry, mining and other natural resources-based sectors, and better mainstreaming of protection, conservation and environmental management.

Main tasks:

  • Review of the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, highlighting the process and progress of implementation, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that were identified;
  • Develop a gap analysis to determine where further sector-level initiatives are required to enhance environmental protection, conservation, and natural resources management;
  • Prepare the new Costed Strategic Plan for the MNR for the period 20221-2026, including a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework;
  • Conduct training on the strategic planning process and application of the new Costed Strategic Plan 20221 -2026.


Main outputs:

  • Training of key persons in strategic planning methodologies for the development of the new Costed Strategic Framework and Training Report;
  • Analysis Report including findings of desk review and gap analysis;
  • Draft and Final Costed Strategic Plan (2021-2026) and Consultation Report.

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