Support for the development of the Honduras National REDD+ Strategy



Diego Martino


Diego Martino


Monika Bertzky
Eugenia Recio
Guido Fernandez de Velasco
Jaime Severino
Jorge Trevin


Climate Finance


Before countries can start REDD+ implementation or access Results-Based-Payments, they need to have a National REDD+ Strategy in place that aligns with the countries REDD+ vision and is embedded into the national legal framework. AAE and consortium partner ESA Consultores S.A. de C.V. were contracted to develop the National REDD+ Strategy for Honduras.

Main tasks

  • Analysis of drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Legal analysis of the land tenure situation in Honduras;
  • Identification of suitable Policies and Measures (PAMs) for inclusion in the strategy;
  • Environmental and Social Strategic Assessment (SESA) and development of Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF);
  • Stakeholder consultation at national and sub-national level;
  • Consolidation of inputs and drafting of National REDD+ Strategy;
  • Development of Implementation Plan;
  • Development of elements of the financing plan for the National REDD+ Strategy;
  • Preparation of a final version of the National Strategy;
  • Capacity building;
  • Development of a GCF concept note.

Main outputs

  • Inception report;
  • Final report of the analysis of drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Final report of land tenure analysis;
  • Final analysis report of existing policies and measures that aim to reduce deforestation and its empowerment;
  • Strategic environmental and social evaluation (SESA) report;
  • Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF);
  • National REDD+ Strategy;
  • GCF concept note.

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