Development of a National Vision and Strategy for REDD+ in Suriname



Diego Martino


Jorge Trevin


Monika Bertzky
Eugenia Recio
Maria Dolores Almeida
Alejandro Moreno
Priscilla Miranda


Climate Finance


The country of Suriname is a High-Forest-Low-Deforestation (HFLD) Country and with more than 90% forest cover the country with the highest percentage of forest cover in the world. As part of REDD+ readiness, the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS) contracted AAE and Tropenbos Suriname as national partner for the development of a National Vision and Strategy for REDD+.

Main tasks

  • Identification, in a participatory manner, of a National REDD+ Vision for forest, land use and climate change and the objectives of the National REDD+ Strategy;
  • Confirmation and deepening of a previous analysis of drivers of deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Identification, analysis and prioritization of Policies and Measures (PAMs) addressing the drivers of deforestation, forest degradation and barriers to sustainable forest management, conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks;
  • Realization of a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) of potential risks and benefits of PAMs and development of a framework to manage these risks and maximize these benefits;
  • Assessment of gender aspects and recommendations for gender sensitive REDD+ implementation.
    Extensive stakeholder engagement, including national level workshops and local level consultations with all ten Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ communities in the hinterland;
  • Modelling of future land use change and development scenarios;
  • Capacity building workshop for the use of DINAMICA EGO tool for scenarios;
  • Preparation of an implementation plan for the National REDD+ Strategy. Recommendations on institutional strengthening;
  • Design of a REDD+ financial strategy;
  • Development and presentation of two GCF concept notes.


Main outputs

  • National REDD+ Vision and Strategy;
  • SESA report, including circa 400 pages of community consultation report;
  • Legal Analysis of Land Tenure situation;
  • Future land use change scenario and SBB personal trained on the use of DINAMICA EGO. Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) developed and validated;
  • Implementation Plan for the National Strategy;
  • GCF concept notes.

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