Support to the development of the SESA, ESMF and Mechanism for the Response and Resolution of Complaints and Suggestions for REDD+ in Argentina

08/2020 - 01/2021


Diego Martino


Monika Bertzky


Eugenia Recio
Jorge Trevin
María Jesus Iraola



In line with World Bank requirements, Argentina needs to complete a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) and have an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Grievance Redress Mechanism in place before the country can enter the next phase of REDD+. AAE together with Fundación Patagonia Natural have been contracted by the government of Argentina to support the country in completing these requirements.


Main tasks

  • Analysing risks and benefits of the Argentinian REDD+ Strategy;
  • Analysing the Argentinian context for REDD+ implementation (enabling factors, strengths and weaknesses);
  • Identifying suitable mitigation measures for the identified risks and to promote identified benefits and an enabling environment for REDD+ implementation in Argentina;
  • Reviewing existing Grievance Redress Mechanisms and developing a mechanism tailored to REDD+ implementation;
  • Consulting with stakeholders at national and sub-national level, adjusted to the COVID situation, to feed into each part of the work;
  • Presentation and validation of outputs.

Main outputs

  • Detailed work plan;
  • SESA report;
  • Mechanism for the Response and Resolution of Complaints and Suggestions;
  • ESMF, in line with World Bank Environmental and Social Standards.

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