Evidence Gap Map in Blended Finance



Guido Fernandez de Velasco


Luis Sánchez


Monika Bertzky
Nathalie Doswald
Jerónimo Rocío

Climate Finance

AAE developed an Evidence Gap Map (EGM) on the state of the evidence on blended finance (defined as strategic use of development finance for the mobilization of additional finance towards sustainable development in developing countries). Though DEval’s evaluation focuses on structured funds, the purpose of the EGM is to provide a visual overview of available studies or reviews in the entire field; highlighting areas where evidence is lacking and where it has concentrated to inform and guide future research.

Main tasks

  • Review the existing inclusion/exclusion criteria and refine them with regard to methodological issues;
  • Define the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA);
  • Review and refine the existing search protocol;
  • Carry out an extensive literature search that includes screening and coding the studies;
  • Populate the EGM with the evidence found, using visualization tools;
  • Write a short report accompanying the EGM with a summary of the methodology used for screening and coding the evidence.


Main outputs

  • The refined inclusion/exclusion criteria and refined search protocol;
  • The PRISMA;
  • The populated evidence gap map that provides a visual overview of the available evidence on the sector;
  • A short report describing the methodology for screening and coding the evidence.

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