Design the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE)´s Costed Strategic Plan



Guido Fernandez de Velasco


Diego Martino


Rossana Gaudioso
Alex Koch
Alejandro Rossi

Strategic Planning

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE at the time) has bet to plan for the sustainable use of the country’s natural resources. The Ministry has under its reach all of the country’s Agencies dealing with natural resources. This Strategic Plan will serve to monitor the Ministry’s implementation of priority activities and help ensure effective resource utilization and effective support for Guyana’s sustainable development.

Main tasks

  • Design of a planning template to collect information pertaining to the Strategic Guidelines, objectives or plans; outcomes; priority programmes; budget aligned with the institution’s strategic directions for each relevant agency and commission of MNRE;
  • Review international experiences for the institutional organization of environmental mandates;
  • Liaise with stakeholders to provide feedback on the initial draft of the completed planning template;
  • Use the final completed planning template to analyse information received, find synergies and gaps, and prepare the ground for workshops in which all MNRE agency and commission plans and outcomes may be placed under one cohesive MNRE M&E Framework;
  • Conduct workshops in Guyana to finalize information for MNRE’s agencies and commissions, and to build and fine-tune the M&E Framework together with appropriate senior and technical government staff members;
  • Present completed M&E Framework to MNRE, and finalize following feedback;
  • Provide a finalized version of the MNRE M&E Framework.


Main outputs

  • The MoNRE Costed Strategic Plan for the period 2014-2018;
  • The Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix to be used by the Ministry to monitor progress during the strategies deployment.
  • Guyana has a system in place allowing for a sustainable use of its natural resources planning process.
    The MoNRE and its over-arched agencies and technicians have access to all relevant information necessary to plan the use and conservation of the country’s natural heritage.
  • Guyana properly manages its waste.
  • The general public and Guyana’s society are aware of the importance of their natural resources conservation and sustainable use.
  • The country has a transparent and efficient permitting and licensing process.
  • The country is able to better monitor its extractive and productive activities related to mining and forestry (GFC and GGMC) with the support of the MoNRE’s International Affairs and Enforcement Units.

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