Review of CI’s Panama Program and its alignment to the Southern Cross Strategy



Guido Fernandez de Velasco


Lucía Bianchi

Strategic Planning

AAE reviewed CI’s Panama Program to assess and summarize achievements and opportunities for contributing towards Southern Cross Strategy targets (its institutional strategy), which is essential to ensure scarce flexible conservation resources are allocated to the places where contributions to the Southern Cross are likely to be most significant.

Main tasks

  • Summarize the conservation results achieved by CI in Panama in the last 3 years;
  • Determine if CI’s work current portfolio in the country is aligned with the Southern Cross Strategy;
  • Identify if CI is positioned to achieve significant Southern Cross results in the Panama by 2025;
  • Analyze external political environment in Panama and CI’s ability to achieve key goals;
  • Describe the landscape of conservation organizations and main conservation donors in the country;
  • Assess if CI is filling a unique niche in the country that other organizations are not filling;
  • Describe funding opportunities that CI is eligible for given current legal status in the country.

Main outputs

  • A summary analysis of funding spent by donor of CI-Panama over last 3 years and funding prospects for next 3 years;
  • A final report with report findings and recommendations to be presented verbally to CI’s executive team.

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