Weight of Cities Report – Latin America and the Caribbean



Gian Carlo Delgado
Diego Martino


Cristian Julián Díaz
Carol Franco
Cristian Henríquez
David Morillón Gálvez
Gabriela Muñoz Meléndez.

Urban Ecosystems

UNEP and the International Resource Panel (IRP) have developed the report “The weight of Cities: Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization”, which was launched in 2018. The report is a call for a new strategy for urbanization in the 21st century and presents actions on urban planning, considerations on the efficient use of resources for a transition towards low carbon cities that are efficient in the use of natural resources and socially just.

In this context, AAE, together with xxxx and ORT were hired to develop a Latin America and the Caribbean version of the report.

Main tasks

  • Develop table of content and annotated outline of the report in coordination with UNEP and in contact with advisors from the IRP;
  • Assemble a cross disciplinary team of author that represents the region;
  • Coordinate efforts from the authors to conduct research and review of necessary literature to develop the report. This includes the description of concepts, preparation of case studies, illustrations and contextualization;
  • Support the creation of a Review Committee with representatives from national and subnational governments, organizations, research centers and the private sector;
  • Prepare content and material for outreach and dissemination strategy.

Main outputs

  • Weight of Cities Report for LAC;
  • Group of authors and advisors assembled and interacting;
  • Outreach and dissemination material.

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