Adaptation to climate change needs to be considered in development and sectoral planning processes in order to mitigate climate risks and enhance the resilience of livelihoods, ecosystems, and businesses.


(Ad interim)
Diego Martino

Designing adaptation solutions requires an interdisciplinary and innovative approach. Along with grey infrastructure adaptation technologies and practices, the role of ecosystems in adaptation is recognized at the international level and nature-based solutions (also known as Ecosystem-based Adaptation – EbA) are at the front of cost-effective adaptation strategies.

AAE focuses on providing tailored advisory services that enable effective adaptation and management of climate risks. We combine sound analytical thinking, technical and practical experience and strong project management to deliver transformational impacts. We work closely with governments on assessing climate risk, vulnerability and adaptation options, designing strategies and mainstreaming climate adaptation in policy planning and implementation.


Services offered

  • Adaptation planning at national and sub-national level.
  • Definition and promotion of nature-based solutions as integral part of effective adaptation and support countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and National Adaptation Plans (NAP).
  • Formulation of public and private financial mechanisms for adaptation to support the mainstreaming of climate adaptation and nature-based solutions in financial mechanisms for the public and private sectors.
  • Climate adaptation mainstreaming in the water, agriculture, ecosystems and disaster risk reduction sectors.
  • Training, capacity building and knowledge management to enhance capacities and train local and national stakeholders.
  • Design of tailored manuals and guidelines on planning and implementing climate adaptation and nature-based solutions.
  • Project formulation for adaptation financing through feasibility analysis, project design, and institutional assessment for adaptation financing (Adaptation Fund, Green Climate Fund, GEF).
  • Systematic reviews and development of evidence gap maps and intervention heat maps.

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