Environmental Management

Environmental management informs decision making by describing and monitoring environmental changes, predicting future changes, and attempting to maximize human benefit and to minimize environmental degradation due to human activities.


Guido Fernández de Velasco

A range of tools can be used to design and execute projects and programs to comply with national and international legislation, for example, SEA, EIAS, Operation Environmental Permits, Environmental Management Plans and Environmental and Social Due Diligence.

AAE associated experts steer the process of development in order to take advantage of opportunities; assess the client’s capacity; ensure that critical environmental limits are not exceeded; work to reduce and mitigate environmental issues; and are concerned with increasing the adaptability and resilience of human societies in the face of environmental change, variability, unpredictability and hazards.


Services offered

  • Technical elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessments and processing its approval with Environmental Authorities.
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans.
  • Preparation and processing of Operation Environmental Permits.
  • Preparation of Social and Environmental Audits and Due Diligence.
  • Legal analysis and compliance with national laws and regulations of potential projects and initiatives.

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