Terminal Evaluation for the Good Growth Partnership (GGP) project “Taking deforestation out of the Commodity Supply Chain”



Guido Fernández de Velasco


Robert Crowley


Mario Zenteno
Yark Kolva
Dyah Puspitaloka
Roberto López Irala

Strategic Planning

The Good Growth Partnership (GGP) is a GEF-financed integrated approach pilot (IAP) programme, “Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains” aiming to reduce the global impacts of agricultural commodities on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and biodiversity by meeting the growing demand of palm oil, soy and beef through supply that does not lead to deforestation and related GHG emissions. It consists of 5 child projects working across production, financing, and demand in Brazil, Indonesia, Liberia, and Paraguay. Separate TEs will be conducted for two projects “Reducing Deforestation from Commodity Production” and “Adaptive Management and Learning for the Commodities IAP”, though with an understanding of the broader GGP context. For each project, a TE Report will be developed, assessing the achievement of project results against what was expected to be achieved, and draw lessons that can both improve the sustainability of benefits from this project and aid in the overall enhancement of UNDP programming, through informing future project design and implementation.

Main tasks (for both projects):

  • Conduct desk review and gap analysis of project documents, including organizational documents, charts and management structures, GEF Project Documents, toolkits and guidance, Mid Term Evaluations, etc.;
  • Host country-level workshops to clarify understanding of the objectives and methods of the TEs;
  • Undertake the evaluation of the projects, including interviews to local stakeholders, focus groups and site visits;
  • Produce a draft and final Terminal Evaluation Report of both projects.


Main outputs (for both projects):

  • TE Desk Review;
  • TE Inception Workshops and Reports;
  • Draft and Final TE Report for both projects.

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