A genuine interest in the environment

AAE consists of a permanent core team and a large pool of associated consultants with a wide range of backgrounds. We assemble project teams on a case by case basis, often combining national experts, with in-depth knowledge of the socio-economic, biogeographic and cultural context of the project and its key stakeholders, and international experts, which provide the technical expertise and international policy overview.

Diego Martino

Founder and Head of REDD+ & Urban Ecosystems

Guido Fernández de Velasco

Founder and Head of Environmental Management & Strategic Planning

Monika Bertzky

Senior Manager and Head of Safeguards

Alejandro Moreno

Head of Climate Finance

Diego Martino

Head of adaptation
ad interim

Support team

Sara Rodríguez

Safeguards Assistant

Fabian Wagner

Safeguards Specialist - Human Rights

Clara Malcolm

Gender Specialist

Enora Philippe

Socio-environmental Analyst

Rebecca Phillips

Business Development

Luciana Haller

Finance and Human Resources

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