Military Hospital Waste Management Treatment Plant Operational Environmental Plan



Guido Fernandez de Velasco


Milenka Sojachenski

Environmental Management

AAE brought together a multidisciplinary team of engineers and environmentalists to analyze the potential impacts and mitigation measures necessary to present the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the National Environmental Authority of Uruguay for the waste treatment plant expansion of the Military Hospital.

Main tasks

  • Analysis of expansion works;
  • Analysis of transportation and storage of construction materials;
  • Inclusion of domestic activities in the analysis;
  • Analyze and prepare the plan for the transfer of hospital waste to the plant and temporary storage thereof;
  • Analyze the treatment of contaminated hospital waste;
  • Cleaning and maintenance tasks;
  • Analyze and prepare the plan for temporary storage and transport of treated waste.

Main outputs

  • Renewal of the Environmental Authorization for Operation.
  • Present the general environmental management scheme for the operation of the HCFFAA RSH treatment plant.
  • Provide the framework structure for the operation of the environmental management of the plant.
  • Establish mitigation and control measures for the operation of the plant.
  • Provide a clear idea of ​​the environmental management requirements for each of those involved in the development of the activities.

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