Out of Use Tires Management Plan for Uruguay and Environmental Location Authorization for the construction of a plan to treat the out of use tires at national level



Guido Fernandez de Velasco


Diego Martino

Environmental Management

AAE developed the first Tire’s Out of Use Master Plan for Uruguay together with the Out of Use Tires Association. The project also involved obtaining the Environmental Location Authorization for the construction of the first plant, at national level, to treat out of use tires and recycle them to comply with national legislation.

Main tasks regarding the Enviromental Location Authorization

  • Location study;
  • Identification and evaluation of environmental aspects;
  • Determination of Significant Environmental Aspects;
  • Design environmental impacts and management measures;
  • Project classification proposal;
  • Presentation of Authorization to National Authorities.

Main tasks regarding the Out of Use Tires Master Plan

  • Desktop study and analysis of best practices at international level;
  • Description of collection routes at national level;
  • Description of collection process at collection points;
  • Establishment of control mechanism;
  • Integration of the distribution and commercialization chain;
  • Design of communication campaign;
  • Presented the Master Plan to DINAMA.

Main outputs

  • Final communication and environmental location viability report,
  • Out of Use Tires National Master Plan.

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